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A Centralized Patient Health Record and Clinical Health Information DataTank


MedBlob's LifeBook™ is a technology that has been rigorously field tested for reliability and validity of extraction, transformation, and presentation of patient health information. LifeBook, a unified health record and clinical health information datatank, is secured using military grade encryption; the same level of encryption used to secure top secret government files. MedBlob's LifeBook is a health information platform that can seamlessly provide a means to request your patient health information from all of your providers, hospitals, and diagnostic facilities. LifeBook populates the information for your ease of use and portability.


Health Information exchangE and Data WareHouse

MedBlob's LifeBook patient health record portal acts as the pipes and datatank for your healthcare information. Relying on the the federal government mandates requiring health institutions to use electronic medical records, MedBlob's LifeBook allows your healthcare information to electronically flow from your points-of-care into LifeBook, your own personal unified healthcare record. LifeBook becomes a single source of truth for all your medical information and puts the patient in the driver seat. This record, in part or in full, can be given to your doctor, so that he or she can make the best decision given all your relevant health information.