MedBlob’s Clinical Data PLatform: LifeBook

solves a major cause of medical errors and preventable death: Inaccurate or missing health information


Today, clinical records are scattered and siloed across institutions making it difficult for patients to inform their providers about their medical history. Patients are required to be historians of their patient health information creating inconsistencies or gaps in your health history. Because there is no single source of information, Patients are not always presented with the most relevant advice or treatment from their doctor or provider. What is more, is that you the Patient, are not able to be presented with the most relevant and cutting edge information regarding your health, as your Doctor might not be aware of the most relevant research and studies that may alleviate or cure your health problems.


Patients healthcare information is usually housed in disparate disconnected siloed in your providers' electronic medical records system. Using MedBlob's LifeBook,™ a patient can both easily access and send his or her medical information securely between providers. This reduces repeat medical tests, reducing costs, and helps your provider make the best clinical decision given your past medical history.

LifeBook is cloud based giving you, the patient, the ability to login to your LifeBook account anywhere on the planet to access and/or retrieve your medical information.

MedBlob's LifeBook platform also provides insight into clinical trials and studies that may impact your health. Your doctor can easily explain your eligibility and help you decide if participation in the study is right for you.



At MedBlob, we enable patients to help solve the biggest challenges in medicine by giving anonymized health care data to researchers through LifeBook.

Today, 97% of patients do not participate in clinical trials. MedBlob hopes to increase the speed of medical research and innovation, by not only allowing researchers to access anonymized and personalized clinical data, but also by offering patients and providers the option to participate in studies that correspond to a patient's unique health situation.  


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve community and national health by allowing patients to better manage their health, providers to better treat their patients, and researchers to have the best information to discover cures to the most prevalent and pernicious diseases.

MedBlob™, though LifeBook™, seeks to improve national health by providing patients with a platform to digitally extract, send, and store all their patient health information in a single source of truth in a free, HIPAA compliant, and military grade encrypted database.

This gives the provider the most complete and up-to-date snapshot of the patient's medical information and enables patients to choose to share their medical information to empower researchers to solve the most difficult health challenges facing society today.



MedBlob's LifeBook platform allows clinicians to get a real time snapshot of a patient's medical information. All clinical encounters, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory tests are conglomerated to form LifeBook, a unified patient health record. Clinicians can set alerts for specific events like hospital readmission and be up-to-date on your patient's current medical status.

Use MedBlob's LifeBook™ to track and report outcomes to meet mandates of the affordable care act as well as increase revenue through active care management of patients with chronic conditions using CPT code 99490 which pays approximately $43 per month to providers who deliver 20+ minutes of non face-to-face chronic care coordination to eligible Medicare beneficiaries with 2 or more chronic conditions.

MedBlob’s LifeBook can help your practice step into the 21st century in digital practice management by offering never before available digital healthcare information exchange and storage.

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Click the LifeBook Logo to Join Today!